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What Is Maca

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What is Maca - The Ultimate Nutritional Supplement

To answer the question What Is Maca, it is a food source, a root similar to radish. It grows high up in the mountains of Peruvian Andes about 14000 feet.

Its cultivation goes back to many thousands years ago, being used to improve health, boost energy, strength and longevity for the people living in the demanding conditions of life at such high elevations where there is a short supply of oxygen.

Maca looks like a turnip and you can find it in many ranges of colors. The colors vary from white all the way to purple.

It has adapted to life at such very extreme and harsh conditions of freezing cold, Strong winds and at times intense sunlight. The soil condition is also probably the worst.

In spite of all these negative and hostile conditions and environment Maca root Thrives and survives and continues to provide food for those who eat it, giving them energy, longevity and health.

The History

At the beginning it is said that the farmers living on high mountains of Peruvian Andes started to notice their flocks that grazed in the areas where there were plenty of maca roots growing,  were much healthier and stronger.

These groups of animals also would engage in the act of copulation much more frequently and enjoyed a pretty healthy fertility rate.

Having noticed this, the farmers decided to test and eat the the root themselves and sure enough they became much healthier, stronger and where able to handle the harsh environment they lived in with much more ease and tenacity.  

They also found out that Maca caused them to be sexually much more active along with increasing their fertility.

Before long there was a widespread reputation for the Maca as a strong and natural aphrodisiac and also an enhancer of hormonal functionality and balance.

What is in Maca - Nutritional Make Up

Maca is very potent. It is loaded with many nutrients. Including the following:


As you can see just the mentioned above nutrients turn Maca into a most powerful and potent supplement.

In addition to all these nutrients Maca is considered to be an adaptogen which is able to increase the body’s capability to resist disease by improving the physiological and emotional health.

It is able to rejuvenate adrenal glands along with other hormonal which will translate in increasing stamina, energy, and coping capabilities with stress.

It also relieves depression and anxiety symptoms, providing optimum health, longevity and endurance for a mentally balanced, joyful and energetic lifestyle.

What is Maca? – Hormonal Balance

Scientists have concluded that Maca is nutritionally extremely potent and it is considered to be a supper food capable of regulating and supporting the hormonal system by working with the body’s own intelligence to enhance and optimize its hormonal functions.

This is equally true for women or men therefore the benefits are not necessarily gender related.

In other words a great answer to the question What Is Maca is: Maca root powder is a food source which has amazing regulating and balancing capabilities for hormonal properties of both sexes, providing increased stamina, increased libido and increased fertility.