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This article is about maca and the benefits associated with its use. Maca root has been used as a source of food and for its medicinal properties for centuries. Maca has been touted for its abilities to promote sexual well-being, increase energy and ease the symptoms of menopause.

Enhanced Mood for Postmenopausal Women

Women taking maca after having given birth, often reported noticing an elevation in their moods and experiencing less anxiety. A study was done in which some women were given maca, while others were given placebos. Those which were given maca root were found to experience less depression and the reports of feeling anxiety were noticeably decreased.

Fertility In Men

A study about maca found that the sperm count in men improved after taking maca in pill form. The effects were noticed after four months and sperm motility, semen volume and sperm count were all enhanced by the use of maca. Black maca was said to be the most beneficial for improving sperm count.

Sexual Performance

A study found that people suffering from poor sexual performance due to the use of certain anti-depressants, noticed an improvement in both sexual desire and performance. The improvement in sexual performance is thought to arise from Maca's mood enhancing ability. All of the people involved in the study were all suffering from depression. Maca was noted to improve sexual desire in both men and women alike.

Energy Enhancement

Maca is filled with the essential vitamins and nutrients necessary for energy enhancement. Maca is chocked full of B-vitamins and fatty acids necessary for the metabolizing and enhanced energy.

Maca also activates the appetite and helps with digestion. The phosphorus component of maca is a primary building block in the cells fuel.
Maca also supports the adrenal glands, so that they don't have to rely on harmful cortisol as a fuel source.

The sterols contained in this amazing supplement also aids in the building of lean muscle tissue and fibers. The alkaloids contained in maca is said to promote positive bone building results. Users of maca also experienced less bone debilitating diseases such as osteoporosis and osteomalacia.


Some of the fatty acids, found in maca, act as a fungicide and as a local antiseptic which is thought to promote the overall improvement of the immune system. Small cuts and wounds are said to heal 5 percent faster than in a person who has not been using Maca.


There is even on-going research to determine if there is any health benefits related to people suffering from cancer. As of now any scientific proof of the benefits about maca as an anti-carcinogen has yet to be determined.

Maca seems to offer a wide range of benefits, and should make a wonderful addition to anyone’s vitamin and supplement regimen. There are no known side-effects to the prolonged use of maca.

As with any new medication or supplement see a trusted physician before beginning use.

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