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Maca Menopause - A Perfect Solution

Menopause occurs naturally in case of women after a certain age when production of Estrogens drops down and the process of evolution goes into the next stage. "Maca Menopause" is a perfectly matched combination words coming together for a natural, healthy and effective remedy in treating menopause problems.

Maca is derived from an adaptive plant source and is non-toxic in application to organs and other parts of body. It works directly by application to root of menopause without causing any risk and infection to the body.

Moreover, it can be applied in the diseased status for normalizing the functions. Studies show that women facing symptoms of menopause, post-menopause and peri - menopause can ease out their issues with Maca. Women having irregular menstruation can make things regular by using Maca.

Problems such as hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, irregular periods, vaginal dryness, night sweats, libido losses, memory loss and fatigue are all the symptoms of menopause.

Apart from these regular problems headaches, achy muscles, digestive problems and gum problems are also observed.

There are therapies and treatments to overcome such terrible issues in women but they have risks associated with them. Hormone Replacement Therapy abbreviated as HRT is considered as a remedy for countering symptoms of menopause.

Alternative methods come in to practice owing to risk of these therapies. Especially natural products and herbs are used to control the issues of menopause.

One of the main functions of Maca is to balancing hormones. In order to verify the effectiveness of this natural herb research was conducted over 14 women with postmenopausal case. They were examined for androgenic and estrogenic activity.

Each woman was provided powered Maca of about 3.5 g/day for six weeks and results proved reduction in psychological symptoms, depression and anxiety. Maca has shown appreciable and amazing effects in different women at different stages.

Maca can easily counter estrogen dominance, which causes problems for women. Results have shown that women using Maca regularly have faced much less symptoms during their menopause.

Maca has helped at times in overcoming serious health issues.

Menopause has two stages initial one is peri-menopause in which suggested dose of maca is about six to ten capsules of 500 milligram per day. The dose is decreased after one month and the benefits are observed following as little as one week after treatment.

Another stage is post-menopause. Maca helps in slowing down the aging process and keeps the skin youthful by preventing the dryness in vagina. Apart from these benefits, it also provides many needed minerals by body for promoting the overall health.

Maca does not provide a supply of hormones to the body and it does not result in weakening of ovaries. The activity of Maca is to deal with hypothalamus-pituitary gland and to stimulate the female body for producing its own hormones.

Regardless of the composition of hormones in body, intake of Maca will balance the hormone requirements. Maca balances the equilibrium of hormones and significantly reduces symptoms of sleeplessness, hot flashes and vaginal dryness.

This extraordinary action by Maca improves overall health of women by adapting to their specific body requirements. Finally yet importantly, it does not cause any known side effects to the body.

In conclusion Maca menopause should always go hand in hand. This formulates a perfect an effective pair. A healthy and natural solution for helping women with their body changes through their golden years.